Did you know that most engine wear occurs when starting your engine?

Cartridge style oil filters do not have anti-drain-back valves. Find out how Baxter Performance Adapters can reduce engine wear.

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Why should I use Baxter Performance Products?

Most engine wear occurs at cold start-up due to a lack of oil pressure. Our products address this issue and improve engine longevity and performance!

Does installing Baxter Performance adapters affect my warranty?

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Most all cartridge oil filter systems either drain back or drain out completely, resulting in a prolonged dry start. Using a Baxter Performance Oil Filter Adapter retains oil in the filter and cooling systems for immediate oil delivery and pressure.

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Maintain your vehicles performance by reducing wear on your engine with oil filter adapters manufactured by Baxter Performance.

Spin-On Filter Adapter

No longer do you have to fight with cartridge filter cap removal and filter assembly. Convert to easy to use and reliable Spin-On oil filters.

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Remote Oil Filter Adapter

Need easier access to your oil filter? Tired of skid plate removal just to change your cartridge oil filter?

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Inverted Remote Oil Filter Mount

Great for cars, trucks, boats and industrial engine applications. Makes oil filter changes clean and easy by eliminating spillage.

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Made with pride and precision in the USA.

Help extend the life of your vehicle’s motor.

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