Robert H., Boston, MA
“Great product and well made! What was Toyota thinking?”

Phillip G., Portland, OR
“After breaking two cartridge oil filter caps I was glad I found your product, way to go!”

Frank B., Ogden, UT
“Received TS-501-BK for my 2017 Tacoma, easy install, and no clearance issues. Thanks.”

Jim H., Tampa, FL
“Thank you for making such a well made product, works perfectly!”

Jake K., Kansas City, KS
“Ordered an adapter for my 2015 4Runner, install was simple and straight forward. Thanks for being so responsive to my questions and providing great customer service.”

Jamie L., Long Beach, CA
“I thought your adapter was expensive but after receiving it, the build quality is superb. Great product!”

Doug M., Denver, CO
“I ordered a remote adapter and remote mount for my 2019 4Runner, installation went well and now I can use a much larger filter and don’t have to remove the skid plate!”

Greg C., Phoenix, AZ
“I was surprised that Toyota didn’t include an anti-drain back valve in their cartridge oil filters, a basic need. Nice you guys have the answer, just ordered a TS-301-BK for my Tundra 5.7L.”

Mike D., Seattle, WA
“I purchased an adapter for my Daughters Prius, it’s a lot easier to service and I like the idea of using a larger filter.”

T. Jacobs, Butte, MT
“After receiving your adapter for my 2014 RAV4 I was surprised how easy it was to install, great product!”

Thomas A., San Antonio, TX
“Thanks for making my life easier! I hate the cartridge filter.”

Patrick F., Sioux Falls, SD
“I installed your TS-501-BK on my 2020 Tacoma and liked it so much I just ordered on for my wife’s 2016 RX 350 Lexus.”

Tim G., Redding, CA
“I used to have valve clatter for 2 seconds at startup on my 2012 Corolla, rarely hear anything at all anymore. Thank you for a great solution.”