Subaru SS-101-BK Oil Filter Anti-Drain Adapter

SKU: SS-101-BK

Our patent pending oil filter adapter contains a full flow check valve that retains oil in the oil filter and oil feed from the pump, resulting in faster oil delivery to the engine. Easy to install and comes with everything you need. Requires oil filter with M22x1.5 threads and will not work with Subaru oil filters with M20x1.5 threads.

Comes with air valve for oil filter evacuation prior to oil filter removal making filter change quick and clean.

For Subaru FA20 and FB20 Engines with top mounted oil filters. (not for use with factory oil cooler)

Adapter will add 2” plus the length of your chosen filter, please consider these dimensions and clearances prior to ordering.



Product Dimensions:
11 × 9 × 5.5 in
Weight: 3.0lbs